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The Christian Story

Christians put their trust in the life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. We believe that his story, told in four separate accounts called the gospels, and also in contemporary Jewish and Greek writings, is also their own story. We believe he is the vital connection between God who created the world, and God restoring the world to his original vision of love.

Christians believe that God loves the world, even though it is a free and flawed place. We believe that he stands by us, even when we are suffering, and that he restores us, both in this life here and in a new life with him after life in our physical bodies is over. We believe that our life depends on his, and that his breath - the Holy Spirit - fills us when we pray. We believe that everyone, regardless of race, sex, creed, ability, status or age, is a precious child of God, and can claim his love, help and forgiveness freely and equally.

To be a Christian means to follow Jesus - nothing more. But that life draws us into the family of his people, the Church. You can belong to the Church by living its life and praying its prayers. The formal belonging is marked by baptism - a ceremony of ritual washing for adults and children. A sign of belonging is sharing the ritual meal of bread and wine at Holy Communion.

Everyone is welcome at our Church!

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Being baptised means joining the worldwide church and also becoming part of this particular church family. We welcome you - adults and children.

Baptism services are normally held on Sundays at 9.30 am or 1.30 pm. Please contact the Parish Office or the Vicar to begin making the arrangements.

Children traditionally have three godparents, one of the opposite sex, and two of their own sex. The minimum is two - but if that proves difficult then Canon Law permits parents to act as godparents for their own children 'provided that the child has at least one other godparent' (Canon B23). You can, if you wish, have more (within reason!), but beware using all your choices on your first child and then running dry for future children! See Being a Godparent.

Adults may have two 'sponsors'. Sponsors and godparents must be baptised. They do not have to be confirmed. If a potential godparent has not been baptised it is best to talk this through with the Vicar.

Adults are generally baptised and confirmed at the same time, which means that the bishop is involved in the ceremony. If you would like to find out more please talk to one of the clergy.

To explore the Baptism Service on the Church of England's website click here.

If, after talking it through, you are unsure about making solemn promises on behalf of your baby, you may prefer to have a service of blessing and thanksgiving. This can be held at 12.15 pm, or during a full service.

If you'd like to look at the Service of Thanksgiving for the Birth of a Child, click here.

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Being a Godparent

... Is a Great Honour
It suggests that you are special to your Godchild’s family and that you will be a special person to that child. It is certainly a compliment to have been asked- but it is a real responsibility too.

How much you can do will depend on a lot of things such as whether you live nearby, how easy it is to keep in touch with the family as a whole and your concerns with your own life and family. However, the main thing is to try to keep in touch so that your Godchild knows that essentially you are a special person for them.

... Is an Ancient Practice
The origins of the practice of appointing Godparents go back many centuries. It has always been the custom of the church to appoint sponsors to guide and teach those who are preparing for Baptism. Therefore at the heart of your task is the upbringing of your Godchild as a Christian.

" Parents and Godparents, the Church receives this child with joy. Today we are trusting God for their growth in faith. Will you pray for them, draw them by your example into the community of faith and walk with them in the way of Christ? "  – From the Baptism Service.

... Is a Holy Calling and an Opportunity
At the baptism service the Church will pray that you will be given the strength of God’s Holy Spirit to carry out this task. Whatever your experience of the Christian faith so far, becoming a Godparent is an opportunity for you to think more about what it means to be a follower of Christ so that you can give the right support and encouragement to your Godchild and their parents. If you are not already Confirmed or perhaps your Confirmation was many years ago and you would like a 'refresher' in the basics of the faith do have a chat with your Vicar who be happy to guide you.

At the Baptism you will be asked the following questions:

" Do you turn the Christ? – I turn to Christ."
" Do you repent of your sins? – I repent of my sins."
" Do you renounce evil? – I renounce evil."   – From the Baptism Service.

Godparents at the Service
During the service Godparents usually sit with the parents and for the baptism itself stand near them, probably slightly apart from everybody else. You may get to hold the baby at some stage (so do practice first so that the baby feels secure with you). You will join the parents and other Godparents in promising to bring your Godchild up to know and love God as a part of His Church. 

It’s Good to be a Godparent
It can include the joy of knowing someone from a different generation and being special to them. It can also mean having the satisfaction of being part of someone’s growing up and of the person they become.

When children become teenagers Godparents can be very important indeed. If you’ve developed a friendship with your Godchild in the early years you can be trusted adult who is not part of the immediate family and so is not involved with the everyday tensions that are a natural par of family life. At this stage Godparents can really come into their own as wise and helpful friends and guides.

Some Suggestions for Godparents

• Remember, distance is no barrier to the power of prayer, so hold them daily in your prayers. Each prayer is an expression of your love for your Godchild. Don’t be shy of telling them that you pray for them. You will receive a card marking as a memento of the Baptism. Keep it in a prominent place – perhaps in your Bible – so that you will remember your Godchild each day.

• Mark each anniversary of their baptism as a kind of extra birthday. A card or gift may be appropriate. Christian bookshops usually have a helpful selection of things to choose from which will help your Godchild learn more about God.

• Keep in touch by letter or speak with them about how your understanding and experience of God is changing. This helps them see by your example that the Christian faith isn’t a 'Sundays only' affair. Take a special interest in what they’re doing and, above all be prepared to listen.

• When you visit or stay with your Godchild’s family do offer to read and pray with your Godchild at bedtime. If you’re there on a Sunday, be sure to take them with you to church.

• Encourage them to look forward to being Confirmed and receiving Holy Communion. Ask the Vicar if you can present them to the Bishop at their Confirmation.

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Confirmation is an opportunity to renew your baptism vows, especially if they were made by someone on your behalf when you were a child. It is asking God to fill you with his Holy Spirit as a mature Christian, and means accepting your own responsibilities within the Church.

Confirmation is always given by the Bishop at a special service. If you would like to know more please talk with the Vicar. Traditionally, Anglicans have only been allowed to receive the bread and wine at Holy Communion after Confirmation. Although this is not insisted upon any more, many people like to keep this discipline as a special mark of their own discipleship.

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Click here to go to our dedicated Weddings page.

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When the undertakers are asked to arrange a funeral, they will normally contact the priest of that parish to conduct the service. This can either be in church followed by a burial elsewhere, or a cremation. After a cremation, the ashes may be buried in the churchyard in our Garden of Remembrance or at the crematorium, or somewhere else chosen. Occasionally, the family prefers to have a cremation first and then a service of thanksgiving with the ashes brought to church.

If the undertakers contact us to take a funeral, we will then contact you to arrange a visit to discuss the service. We will do our best to conduct the service in a way that reflects your wishes and the wishes of the person who has died. We use a simple service which can be adapted for use in church or the crematorium.

We will Ask You
– For your choice of hymns
– For your choice of reading(s)
– And your choice of music for the beginning and the end of the service.

We will also discuss with you who will speak about the person who has died, if appropriate, or ask you to help us do this ourselves if we didn't meet them. Sometimes people like to have a printed order of service and we can help with this.

After the Funeral
After the funeral we will do our best to support you in any way we can. If you need someone to talk to please feel free to contact one of the clergy.

The names of those who have died are placed in our Parish Book of Remembrance and they are remembered in our prayers around the anniversary of their death.

Also, each year there is a service at All Saints and All Souls-Tide (around the First of November) when we invite people recently bereaved to a special service at which give thanks for those who have recently died and others whose memory is dear to us. At this service all are invited to light a candle in memory of those who have died, and to pray together.


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Burial in Jesus Church Churchyard


Parishioners and anyone who dies within the parish boundaries have the right to be buried in our beautiful churchyard

Diocesan Regulations
Parishioners and all persons dying within the parish boundaries have the right to burial in the Churchyard, provided it is still open for burials. There is no right to burial in a particular part of the Churchyard (Diocesan Churchyard Regulations 28/02/05).

Persons who are not resident in the parish may also be buried in the Churchyard providing that they are both regular worshippers and their name is on the Electoral Roll of the parish.

Since there is no right of burial in the Churchyard for those who neither reside in the Parish nor are regular worshippers (having their names on the Electoral Roll) such requests can be considered and may be granted at the discretion of the Incumbent (and by convention, in consultation with the Churchwardens).

Requests for interment of cremated remains will be considered and may be granted at the discretion of the Incumbent (and by convention, in consultation with the Churchwardens).

Reservation of Grave Space
Grave space can only be reserved by the grant of a Faculty by the Diocesan Chancellor. The PCC will only support such an application in certain circumstances.

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A Time for God


Reflections At the End of the Day
Focus your attention on God – not on your failings but on His desire to make you the person you were created to be. Focus on His desire – that you cooperate in His project to bring all creation to its fulfillment. Reflect on the feelings which have arisen in you at each event or encounter.

Be Still

" For God alone my soul waits in silence, from Him comes my salvation."
– Psalm 62.1

Be still in the Lord`s presence. He is glad you have come to Him, however forgetful you may have been of Him today.

Give Thanks for God's Gifts
– for God's gift of himself in Christ.
– for yourself with all your qualities & failings
– for the harsh & painful things
– the way of the cross & resurrection.

Ask Yourself
– What do I have to be grateful for today?
– Have I taken anything for granted today?
– Am I becoming more grateful and contented?
– What has made me feel dissatisfied or frustrated?

Pray for Light
To see and understand how God's love has been working in and around you today. Ask the Holy Spirit to show you what He wants you to see.

Look Closely
How are you responding to God's loving action in your life?

Ask Yourself
– How was I drawn to God today?
– Have I learnt anything about God and His ways?
– Did I meet Him in fears, joys, work, misunderstandings, weariness, sufferings?
– Did His word come alive in Prayer, Scripture or Worship?
– Am I aware of bringing Christ to someone?
– Did someone bring Him to me?
– Did I respond to the need of the sorrowful, lonely, discouraged or needy?
– Did I sense the action of God in the events of the wider world?
– Did I sense God's absence today?
– Did anything happen to make me feel loved?
– How were my moods today?
– What made me peaceful?
– Where did I sense unease or turmoil? Bring their cause to God for affirmation or healing
– Did I sense God calling or nudging me today? How am I responding?
– Is there a particular event or person I want to give thanks for?
– Is Christ showing me a part of my life which calls for a change of heart?

Ask for Healing

" The God who began a good work in You will bring it to completion at the day of Jesus Christ."  – Philippians 1.6.

Whatever the inadequacies of your day – let them be there before God – not for judgement but for His Spirit to bring wholeness and healing. Express your sorrow to God and confidently ask His healing and forgiveness.

Wonder at how you are constantly being brought home. Accept your weakness. Learn to mistrust yourself but have a greater trust in God. Hold onto the conviction that you are being converted from a sinner into a child of God.

Look Forward in Hope

" The God of Steadfastness and Encouragement."  – Romans 15.5.

Look Forward to Tomorrow
– Bring God your hopes and longings.
– Bring Him your apathy, fear, distaste and despondency.

– For an open heart and for trust.
– Open eyes to see Him in the events of the new day.
– Sensitivity to recognise His voice and His call.

The Lord's Prayer

" Give me this night, O Father, the peace of mind which is truly rest.
Take from me all envy of anyone else.
All resentment for anything which has been withheld from me.
All bitterness against anyone who has hurt or wronged me.
All anger against the apparent injustices of life.
All foolish worry about the future and all futile regret about the past.
Help me to be at peace with myself.
At peace with Those around me.
At peace with You.
So indeed may I lay myself down to rest in peace through Jesus Christ my Lord – Amen."

For the New Day
I bind unto myself today, the power of God to hold and lead, His eye to watch, His might to stay, His ear to hearken to my need. The wisdom of my God to teach His hand to guide, His shield to ward, the word of God to give me speech His heavenly host to be my guard.

Examination of Consciousness
– Where was God present to me this morning? Become present to God.
– And, to God the Father, say 'Thank You'.
– And, what are you sorry for?
– And, to Jesus I say, 'I'm sorry'.

What do I feel apprehensive, anxious about? From this moment until bed time, what is the grace you need? At bedtime, I do the same thing.

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